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Temple of Tiamat
Sub level 1, after hell #2

1. We went south along the path of the jailers carriages and found a hidden passageway to the upper level concealed by a permanent illusion (set up by Efreets), going through this alerted them and they plane shifted in 3 Efreet fighters which surrounded us. GLim cast a Prismatic Wall and Bannok unsuccessfully tried to push one into it with a Bigby Hand Spell. Instead Cliff bull rushed one into it, causing it to suffer the effects of the wall and flee after becoming confused. The party managed to dispatch the other Efreets through regular combat prowess. Cliff recovered one of it’s swords and Bannok has the bracers and rings,. He could only identify 1 ring and found it to be a ring of Globe of Invulnerability.

2. We explored the bar rooms, sleeping quarters, and private rooms of the bar side level. We met a tiny fey tailor who tricked Glim into putting on a cloak of poison. Fortunately he survived when his Scarab of Protection absorbed the death effect. Glim then set the room on fire. There were also 2 brothel rooms, each with a Succubus and the other an Incubus. They fled when they saw our size and the Paladin’s good aura. NikNak attempted to open the private Duergar room, but failed and was nearly sucked into the abyss. He got angry.

3. At the doorway to the upper level. A butler spirit asked what our business was, and we told it we wanted to sell magic items. Bannok’s crystal ball glowed and showed a vision about the inhabitants evacuating the level after finding out about our presence. Of particular note, there was a vision of a cultist of (male dragon god) being stabbed by a rival and having his corpse dragged to a broom closet. This image showed a signet ring on his hand for opening the upper level door. We then searched out and found the dead priest and recovered his ring and garb. Arestees suggested we dispatch the Efreet lord after this.

4. Challenged the Efreet lord ‘M__________’ by entering through the back door to his forge room. The crystal ball of the All Mother glowed brightly and showed us a doorway to the City of Brass beyond a door marked ‘Master Jeweler’ as well as the surviving Efreet fighter and another Efreet magic user waiting to attack from the Ethereal plane. Glim used the ring of Etheral jaunt to surprise them and attacked with a lighting spell. The party then attacked the Efreet lord. Of note was Santin’s stunning leap attack which stopped it’s attacks for a turn. The party crowded in and quickly killed the genie. Thorstil the dwarf cleric dismissed the sorcerer with a Banishment spell and the other fighters soon killed the Efreet Fighter. The room then shook with a string tremor as the room started to cave in, leaving very little time for those in or near the room to grab a weapon hanging off the racks on the wall.


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